Class information for 2017


The information on this page is to help you in choosing the correct class or classes for you/your child in 2017. Stage One offers a selection of dance genres and classes for fun, performance, fitness or to improve your dance technique. Classes on offer are based on expressions of interest from our current students. Please take the time to read about the various classes on offer in 2017. Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to discuss your options with your class teachers or myself. The staff at Stage One are continually working together to keep our school fresh and modern and seeking ways to offer more classes and opportunities to our students. The school has been operating successfully since 1991 and we look forward to providing our current and future students with a safe and happy learning environment. We hope to continue to make many happy memories together in 2017.
Kim Ewing
Artistic Director

*Please note all group classes depend on enrolment numbers and require a minimum of 4 enrolments to proceed*

Mummy Daddy and Me (2 – 3.5 years)
An ideal starter class for children of pre kindy age. The student can work with mum and or dad learning basic co-ordination and fine motor skills. Students learn to skip, gallop, hop and basic early dance moves to age appropriate music. The teacher is a trained early childhood worker and this is an excellent way to introduce your child to the world of dance.

Fairy Ballet (3.5- 5years)
An ideal starter class for young budding ballerinas. Parents are welcome to watch as the students learn basic ballet steps, skips and early dance moves to age appropriate music. This is an excellent way to introduce your child to the world of dance under the supervision of a trained early childhood worker.

Kinder Jazz (3-4.5 years)
Aimed at children of kindy age this class works on improving fine motor skills and musicality. Students learn to jump,skip, hop and gallop. Teachers use age appropriate methods and music to keep it fun while the student is learning musicality and rhythm. Students will be taught short routines and have the option to participate in mid year display days and concerts.

Jazz Time (4.5-5 years)
Using the CSTD  come dance with me Syllabus to support our curriculum this is an ideal starter class for students wishing to learn Jazz. Students gain confidence, strength, co-ordination and flexibility whilst being part of a team. Students learn work for display days and concerts.

Tap Beat (3.5-5years)
Using the CSTD Preliminary Tap Syllabus children are taught tap technique, rhythm and timing while building confidence and team work. Routines are taught for display days and concerts throughout the year.

Junior Jazz and Hip Hop (5 – 10 years)
A fun class for children that want to learn to dance without the pressure of performing. Classes consist of a basic warm up followed by short routines in Jazz and Hip Hop. An ideal class to start for beginners.

Intermediate Jazz and Hip Hop (11 – 16 years)
The same concept as Junior Jazz & Hip Hop but with a more mature style. Ideal for late starters who want to learn to dance without the pressure of performing.

Junior Cheer (6-10)
Junior Cheer is a fun and exciting class for children that want to learn the art of cheerleading. Classes will consist of a basic warm up followed by short routines building strength, flexibility and power. Cheerleading is a great way for children to enhance balance, coordination and agility, an ideal class for beginners.

Intermendiate Cheer (11-15)
The same concept as Junior cheer but with a more mature style. Ideal for late starters who want to learn cheerleading without the pressure of performing.


Technique classes are available in:

  • Jazz – All ages
  • Tap – All ages
  • Ballet – All ages
  • Contemporary – 10 years and over
  • Acrobatics – All ages
  • Pilates Barre - 12 years and over

Technique classes are set in grades not age groups allowing students to work at their own pace. It is compulsory that all performance team students over 8 years do at least one technique class per week, this can include private tuition. Work learnt in technique classes can be assessed or examined at the end of the year. Examination is optional.

Stage One uses the Australian Institute of Dance classical ballet syllabus and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance Jazz, Tap and Contemporary Syllabus. All of these Syllabuses are recognised world wide and students in higher grades may obtain SACE points from these exams.

Based on enrolments the following technique classes will be available in 2017:

Classical ballet plays a major role and forms the basis of all facets of dance. Classical dance teaches the student correct poise, deportment and musicality whilst developing technique relevant to all styles of dance. All new students, please contact Claire to find out where you should start.

Our Jazz technique classes consist of Syllabus work set by the CSTD. It includes a basic warm up & stretch, followed by progressive sections instructing students in leaps, turns, kicks and tricks relevant to Jazz Dance. All new students please contact Emma or Kim to find out where you should start.

Using the CSTD syllabus students are taught the construction of steps, rhythms, timing and theory. All new students please contact Emma or Kim to find out where you should start.

Using the very new and modern CSTD Syllabus we are one of the only schools in SA offering this work. Developed in 2011 by Jason Winters it is a very modern and interesting syllabus that develops Contemporary technique by using principles from Pilates, Yoga and Dance.

Stage One in 2016 was accredited to teach the very new and exciting Acrobatic Arts Syllabus. Formed in Canada the program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in 5 divisions of Acro Dance. Flexibility, Tumbling, Strength, Balancing and Limbering.Developed by experts in Contortion, Ballet, Modern Jazz, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics,Yoga, Pilates, Hand Balancing and Physiotherapy you will not find a more comprehensive program for your child. Simple thoughtful progressions will take the beginner pre school level dancer to the advanced dancer tumbling across the stage. All Acro students wishing to participate in exams will also need to attend a Ballet Jazz or contemporary technique class.

This class is designed for all age students. It touches on every aspect of technique. Students will learn a small amount from each genre of dance (except tap) focusing on improving flexibility, poise and strength. This is an ideal class for students that are not interested in exam work but would like a fast track way to strengthen their technique. This class is offered half price to all performance students enrolled in two or more genres of dance.

Please note: Technique classes with less than 3 students will be billed at solo/duo costs.


Performance classes are for students that wish to learn dance to perform.

Performances include concerts, competitions, showcases and cabarets.

Performance/Competition Team Classes

Performance Team classes are available in:

  • Jazz & Hip Hop (combined)
  • Tap & Musical Theatre (Combined)
  • Ballet (under 8 only)
  • Contemporary & Ballet (Combined)
  • Under 10 & Over

In the following age groups

  • Under 8
  • Under 10
  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Under 15
  • Open Age

The students age on the 1st of January determines their correct age group.

For example a 5-year old on the 1st of January would be in under 6, a 6-year old on the 1st of January would be in under 8.

Students MUST dance in their correct age group however students showing outstanding ability may be invited to also work in the age group above. This is at the discretion of the teachers.

Performance work is taught for Competitions, showcases, concerts and cabarets. All performances will be scheduled and dates given at the beginning of 2017. All performance students are expected to be available for scheduled performances throughout the year.

Jazz & Hip Hop
Our Jazz/Hip Hop classes consist of a basic warm up & stretch.  This is then followed by the instruction of routines for performance.

Tap & Musical Theatre
In these classes students will learn tap, street tap and musical theatre in the form of routines constructed for performance.

Contemporary & Ballet
In this class the student will learn basic barre work combined with modern stretching. Classical & Contemporary dance and routines are constructed for performance.


In 2018 Stage One will be taking our next group of talented students to the Florida in the USA to dance in Disneyland Florida and at Nasa Space Station. Students will also have the option to extend their tour and travel to New York where they can attend extensive workshops on Broadway.

In 2013 and 2015 we took groups to the USA and were amazed at what a wonderful experience it was. It exceeded all our expectations and we can’t wait to do it again in 2018.

The trip is organised by “Dance around the World” and everything is organised for you! Flights, accommodation, your Disney tickets, sight seeing, tours and some meals.

Students must be 7 years or older to be eligible to go and must be accompanied by an adult or carer.

Please contact Kim for more details.